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This course is designed to provide you with the Project Management knowledge to take your career to the next level! The 5 process groups, 10 knowledge areas, and 49 processes as outlined in the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK®) – Sixth Edition will be reviewed in detail throughout the course. This interactive course uses learning activities, real life examples, questions with detailed explanations, various support materials, and animated videos to provide you with the Project Management tools and techniques you need to succeed! Students will have 90 days from the time of registration to complete the online training.

This course will provide you with:

  • Critical Project Management tools and techniques you can apply to your current role or help you take your career to the next level
  • An understanding of the registration process and eligibility criteria for the PMP® designation and PMP® exam
  • Strategies to successfully answer PMP® exam questions having practiced on over 600 sample PMP® questions
  • The 35 education hours required to write the PMP® exam including a certificate of completion
  • An understanding of the 49 processes found in the PMBOK® guide as well as various support material to give you the Project Management foundation you need to succeed

Course Structure


What is the Project Management Professional (PMP®) Designation
Benefits of PMP® Designation
Requirements to Write the PMP® Exam
PMP® Exam Structure
Course Structure
Course Outline

Module 1: Project Management Fundamentals

1.1 Project Definition
1.2 Projects vs. Operations
1.3 Stakeholder Definition
1.4 Project Manager, Sponsor, and Customer
1.5 Portfolios, Programs, & Projects
1.6 Project Management Office
1.7 PMI’s Talent Triangle
1.8 Organizational Structures
1.9 Project Phase vs. Project Life Cycle
1.10 Interpersonal Skills
1.11 Enterprise Environmental Factors & Organizational Process Assets
1.12 Module Wrap Up
Module 1 Quiz

Module 2: Project Management Framework

2.1 5 Process Groups
2.2 10 Knowledge Areas
2.3 Inputs, Tools + Techniques, and Outputs
2.4 Module Wrap Up
Module 2 Quiz

Module 3: Project Integration Management

3.1 Integration Overview
3.2 Develop Project Charter
3.3 Develop Project Management Plan
3.4 Direct and Manage Project Work
3.5 Manage Project Knowledge
3.6 Monitor and Control Project Work
3.7 Perform Integrated Change Control
3.8 Close Project or Phase
3.9 Module Wrap Up
Module 3 Quiz

Module 4: Project Scope Management

4.1 Scope Overview
4.2 Plan Scope Management
4.3 Collect Requirements
4.4 Define Scope
4.5 Create WBS
4.6 Validate Scope
4.7 Control Scope
4.8 Module Wrap Up
Module 4 Quiz

Module 5: Project Schedule Management

5.1 Schedule Management Overview
5.2 Plan Schedule Management
5.3 Define Activities
5.4 Sequence Activities
5.5 Estimate Activity Resources
5.6a Develop Schedule
5.6b Develop Schedule
5.7 Control Schedule
5.8 Module Wrap Up
Module 5 Quiz

Module 6: Project Cost Management

6.1 Cost Overview
6.2 Plan Cost Management
6.3 Estimate Costs
6.4 Determine Budget
6.5 Control Costs
6.6 Module Wrap Up
Module 6 Quiz

Module 7: Project Quality Management

7.1 Quality Overview
7.2 Plan Quality Management
7.3 Manage Quality
7.4 Control Quality
7.5 Module Wrap Up
Module 7 Quiz

Module 8: Project Resource Management

8.1 Resource Management Overview
8.2 Plan Resource Management
8.3 Estimate Activity Resources
8.4 Acquire Resources
8.5 Develop Team
8.6 Manage Team
8.7 Control Resources
8.8 Module Wrap Up
Module 8 Quiz

Module 9: Project Communication Management

9.1 Communications Overview
9.2 Plan Communications Management
9.3 Manage Communications
9.4 Monitor Communications
9.5 Module Wrap Up
Module 9 Quiz

Module 10: Project Risk Management

10.1 Risk Management Overview – 6ed
10.2 Plan Risk Management
10.3 Identify Risks
10.4 Perform Qualitative Risk Analysis
10.5 Perform Quantitative Risk Analysis
10.6 Plan Risk Responses
10.7 Implement Risk Responses
10.8 Monitor Risks
10.9 Module Wrap Up
Module 10 Quiz

Module 11: Project Procurement Management

11.1 Procurement Management Overview
11.2 Plan Procurement Management
11.3 Conduct Procurements
11.4 Control Procurements
11.5 Wrap Up
Module 11 Quiz

Module 12: Project Stakeholder Management

12.1 Stakeholder Management Overview
12.2 Identify Stakeholders
12.3 Plan Stakeholder Management
12.4 Manage Stakeholder Engagement
12.5 Monitor Stakeholder Engagement
12.6 Module Wrap Up
Module 12 Quiz

Module 13: Ethics and Professional Conduct

13 Ethics and Professional Conduct
Module 13 Quiz

Appendix: Learning Activities

Cost of Quality Quiz
Earned Value Management Quiz
Types of Costs (Direct or Indirect) Quiz
Types of Costs (Fixed or Variable) Quiz
Special Causes and Random Causes Quiz
Process Mapping Activity
Short Answer Activity
Earned Value Management Activity
Forward Pass and Backward Pass Activity
Matching Activity
PMP Prep Warm Up (85 questions)
PMP® Prep (200 Questions)

Appendix: Learning Activities – Answers

Process Mapping Activity – Answers
Short Answer Activity – Answers
Earned Value Management Activity – Answers
Forward Pass and Backward Pass Activity – Answers
Matching Activity – Answers

Appendix: Support Material

49 Processes Overview
Brain Dump
Tips and Tricks

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